Pokój Dziecka / Baby's Room.

Some tips and inspirations that can help while decorating a room for the baby:
1. Composition of child's paintings - frames, necessarily in the same color.
2. Mural with a baby - keepsake for years.
3. Composition of lamps over the bed - soothes, helping your child to fall asleep.
4. Not necessarily a wallpaper - wood is warm and timeless.
5. Painted ceiling reduce visually the room - baby feel secure.
6. Nothing makes as much fun as chalkboard paint!
7. Custom bed - we can create a unique atmosphere, from a fairytale.

In the next post - we continue with HELP WITH INTERIOR DECORATION - child's room!

W następnym poście kolejna część 
pokój dziecka!


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  1. Super propozycje. Najbardziej spodobała mi sie fototapeta z dzieciakami i te cudne klosze :)
    Pozdrawiam cieplutko